Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't You Wanna Be, In Cannes with Me?

Greetings Cyberspace,

Meet the most absurd group of human beings I know. This is my entourage while I'm on the Riviera and we roll 30 people deep. I wish I could converse more, but I have to practice my opening line if I run into Meryl Streep while adjusting my spanex in the Ladies' lounge this evening. I also have to get pampered for my red carpet debut. And suggestions as to who I should trip? I'm thinking Russell Crowe maybe? When asked by Chelsea Handler who was the actor she most despised, Cloris Lechman revealed her utter disdain for the Oscar winner, calling him a "dough boy." Handler asked if Cloris had ever worked with Crowe. Cloris' response: "No." Gotta love her!

It's been real,

Overstreet on the Riviera

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